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Aggelos Sikelianos: a great lyrical poet

Visit the house of Sikelianos, the place where the poet formed his vision and became a great lyric poet

In the heart of the old town of Lefkada, in a colorful and unique neighborhood, you can easily the house of the famous poet Aggelos Sikelianos.

The house, which accommodates the homonym museum, was purchased by the National Bank of Greece in 2009. It was renovated and formed into a pioneering museum that was donated to the Municipality of Lefkada and was inaugurated on October 6, 2017.

It exhibits memorabilia of the poet and it makes the visitor travel into every aspect of his life and work through a pioneering architectural and museological approach, the work of a group of distinguished scientists.

You can find there exhibits related to the life and work of Sikelianos, which were donated by significant museums, collectors, and institutions from all over Greece.

In the museum, there are special exhibits such as Anna’s wedding dress and woven fabrics, hand-made clothes that Eva weaved for herself and the Delphic Festivals, her passport, her braid of deep red hair, rare editions and manuscripts, correspondence between Angelos and Eva, photographic material, films, and recorded recitations in the voice of the poet himself.