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Archaeological Museum of Nikopolis

The Archaeological Museum of Nikopolis is located in the 5th Km of Preveza-Ioannina near the archaeological site of Nikopolis and it was completed in the year 2009.

The Museum is dedicated exclusively to Nicopolis, the city founded by Octavian in commemoration of his victory in the naval battle of Actium in 31 BC. With the central idea of the phrase “One battle, one city, one empire”, it presents the history of this great city to the general public in a simple way.

Open and welcoming, the museum holds periodic exhibitions inviting people to its premises. The exhibitions are organized either on the occasion of the celebration of anniversary events of the Ministry of Culture & Sports or to display new findings and data about life in Nikopolis and antiquity in general, so distant yet so modern at the same time.

The Museum includes a collection of architectural items from the area of Nicopolis, a collection of sculptures from the area of Nicopolis, donations from the cemetery of the wider area of Nicopolis, etc.

Through four thematic sections with nine sub-sections and more than 1,000 exhibits, the course and development of the city as a prosperous urban center during Roman times and its transformation into a religious metropolis during the early Christians are shown.

The permanent exhibition presents the main aspects of the public and private life of the inhabitants of Nicopolis, a city symbol of the magnificent victory achieved by its founder and first Roman emperor, Octavian, over Antony and Cleopatra (naval battle of Actium, 31 BC .)

Every month an object from the permanent exhibition of the museum is selected with the participation of the friends of the museum and is “recommended” to the general public. Through text, images, and video, its identity is presented and the interpretation and symbolism are explained.