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The Castle of St George

The castle of St George Plagia was built, with French assistance, by Ali Pasha in 1806-1807 when he was planning an invasion of the island of Lefkas; this however never took place. Designed to mount artillery to cover the narrow channel between the mainland and Levkas island, the castle has clear views to Grivas and Santa Maura castles, and to Preveza.

The construction of the castle was completed in March 1807 after only a few months of work and despite the fact that the Russians constantly bombarded the site from Lefkada and from Alexander Fort, opposite, to stop the construction.

In July 1807, after a Franco-Russian agreement, the Ionian Islands were given to the French and Ali Pasha abandoned his ambitions against Lefkada. The castle of Plagia was no longer useful to him.

In May 1821, the two forts (of Peratia and Plagia) were besiegedby the Greeks under G. Tsogas who finally occupied them.

Around the castle of Plagia there are the remains of the fortification of an ancient city, almost eight times the size of the newer fortress. The city also included a citadel, which was located on the eastern edge of the fortification, approximately where the newer fortress is located today. Its wall is built with the polygonal building system and dates back to the 5th century. e.g. It includes 11 rectangular towers and at least one gate.