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Zaloggo-The monument of the heroic sacrifice

In Zaloggo, a mountain village 28 kilometers from Preveza, a heroic page was written during the period of Turkish rule.
The 18-meter-long and 13-meter-high Zalongos Monument stands on a stone-built base and depicts 6 abstract figures of Souliotissas, made of concrete lined with limestone blocks.

Holding hands, the female figures are gradually enlarged and at the edge of the cliff, they become gigantic, thus wanting to symbolize the sacrifice of these women and the love they had for freedom, to the point of sacrificing themselves, but also their children.

In 1803, after the treaty they signed with Ali Pasha, the Souliotes were forced to leave their place. Ali Pasha, however, broke his word and pursued the Souliotes, reaching the Monastery of Zalongos, where the women and children had taken refuge. Faced with the danger of capture and humiliation, 63 Souliotisses committed a group suicide, falling from the “Stephani” rock in dance, after first throwing the babies they had in their arms.

The eyewitness Turkalvan officer Suleiman Aghas wrote: “The women took hands and began a dance. Their steps moved by an unusual heroism and the agony of death accentuated its rhythm. At the end of the odes, the women let out a piercing long-drawn cry, the echo of which is extinguished at the bottom of a terrifying cliff, where they throw themselves with all their children”.

The so-called “Zalongou Dance” is one of the most shocking incidents in the modern history of our country.
Rumors of the touching incident reached all of Turkish-occupied Greece, but also Europe, winning the admiration and support of the enslaved Greeks.

Every October, a reenactment of the Zalongos dance takes place here. Visit the rock from where the Souliotisses fell with the Zongolopoulos sculpture depicting the dance of Zalongos and the monastery of Agios Dimitrios, 3 km from the village. The frescoes of the monastery were completed in 1816.