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A year round destination at Pindus Mountain

Pindus Mountain is certainly a go-to destination throughout the year, offering numerous different activities and unforgettable vistas!

For hiking lovers, nestled in the Pindus Mountains in northwestern Greece, you can find Vikos Gorge, one of the most spectacular canyons in Europe. With a depth of about 1,000 meters (3,300 ft), it holds the Guinness World Record as the world’s deepest gorge relative to its width and is nicknamed the Grand Canyon of Greece.

The area has a very authentic and off-the-beaten-path feel and you’ll get to enjoy it without the tourist crowds that suffocate many other parts of Greece during the summer holiday season.

Αpart from the Gorge, there are in total 46 villages, each one with its character. The most famous are Monodendri, Vitsa, the large and small Papigo, Aristi, Vovusa, Elatochori and many more. In total, Zagorochoria is located in the Zagori region, which has an area of approximately 1000 square kilometers.

While visiting the villages, you can admire the traditional unique architecture, drink your coffee with a spectacular mountain view, taste the local, delicious food, and take part in any of the numerous activities that take place in the villages and the gorge such as horse riding, kayaking, swimming in the refreshing waters of Voimatis, fishing and so many more.

The stone arched bridges are one of the most characteristic attractions of the area with most of them being built around the 1700.