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Koukoumitsa- the smallest island that can be reached by foot

What would you think if you were told that you could reach the smallest island by foot?

Introducing Koukoumitsa, the most characteristic spot of Vonitsa that stretches out to the eyes.
Immersed in the blue of Amvrakikos, with the green of the pine trees and the small white church of Agios Nektarios, looks almost exotic.

It is one of those landscapes that add something special to the image of Etoloakarnania and make it a unique place, blessed by God.

Koukoumitsa seems otherworldly, cut off from the typical aesthetics of the town, an image from the past, inextricably linked to the history and course of the region over time, a free and accessible space for the residents, a sheltered port.
Bike rides, swimming at the beach, magical midnight concerts, a favorite meeting place, a living and pulsating part of the local community.
In the past, the residents crossed the waters on foot to get there, to celebrate in the church, but today the curved, stone-built bridge connects the island to the mainland.

Wonderfully lit at night, it gives the feeling of a ship ready to set sail, one feels like passing into another dimension, unreal and eerie!