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The Breathtaking Meteora

Get a glimpse of Meteora- the ‘out of this word’ site of Greece.

A visit to Meteora monasteries offers a unique view of nature’s grandeur in a mix of history, architecture, and man’s neverending desire to connect with the Divine. Many centuries ago, on these gigantic rocks with the breathtaking landscape reaching heights of more than 600 meters, it was formed one of the most important monastic communities of Greece. The Greek word Meteora means “suspended in the air” and this phrase aptly describes these remarkable Greek Orthodox monasteries.

In 1988, the Meteora monasteries were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and the Meteora-Antichassia area is part of the Natura 2000 network hosting some rare species of birds and flowers. As you approach the town of Kalabaka, the nearest big town near Meteora, and the picturesque village of Kastraki you will see a complex of giant sandstone rock pillars that climb up into the sky. On top of them, you will spot the famous Meteora monasteries.

Today only six monasteries are active with a small number of monks or nuns who reside on Meteora.
The extraordinary rock formations of the Meteora region are worth visiting even if you are not drawn by the idea of seeing the Byzantine monasteries.