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Meet the cosmopolitan town of Preveza

Preveza town is located at the mouth of Amvrakikos Gulf, in Western Greece, just 30 minutes from Paleros and it can be considered as an urban getaway from all the approximate locations.

It is an area full of beautiful landscapes, green areas, great beaches mixed with a rich history, ancient monuments, and cosmopolitan pavement cafes.

Approach the center of the town, take a stroll along the new harbor and the old town, and see the beautiful traditional buildings; taste local dishes in picturesque tavernas or coffee shops that line the narrow slab-paved backstreets.
Walking the streets of the town you’ll come across surprises at every corner: bookshops, belle epoque teahouses, outdoor tables overflowing with tasty titbits, cozy bars, restaurants and avant-garde photoshops.
Preveza is perceived as a paradisiacal escape for the ones who look for a peaceful tropical Greek island experience, away from the busy and commercialized Greek resorts.