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See Paleros and the Ionian Islands from above

Get ready to be mesmerized by the beauty of Paleros and the Ionian lying in front of you

What better way to start your day than a hike in the Acarnanian mountains, smelling the fresh air, and viewing Paleros and the Ionian Islands from the top?

The road might be long but the route is so enjoyable that it literally “erases” any fatigue and rewards the hiker with stunning images at every step!

The first leg of the route can start very close to the cave ‘Skala’, above the city of Paleros.

For the ones who want an easy and short hiking route but with amazing views, this is the best option for you. You can easily reach the cave within 10 minutes if you go by car or within 30 minutes if you choose to go on foot from the town.

Once reaching the cave, you can sit and just let yourself be mesmerized by the beauty of the Ionian with its little islands lying in front of you. You can also be lucky and see the big eagles flying above the top, complimenting the rawness of the landscape.

For the most athletic ones, you can continue your way to the top of Tserekas mountain. This way up might be more demanding but still a path that is recommended even to the not so experienced hikers.


The last part of the recommended route is the way to the well.

After reaching the top of Tserekas you can start going downhill to the rough rural road which ends just before the abandoned settlement of Misopigado.


There you can relax, take your break, and drink crispy fresh water from the well, right from the springs!

When you feel ready, you can take the return route, after feeling the euphoria of having climbed at the top of the Acarnanian mountains!

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