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Myrtia-An unforgettable culinary experience in Ithaki

Here in Paleros Bay, we are determined to present to you the most memorable and exquisite food experiences from all the Ionians.

When taking our boat from Ionian Escape, you can choose to visit the mythical Ithaki not only for the famous crystal clear beaches but also for the gastronomical experience.

A no-brainer choice would be ‘Myrtia’, a restaurant up in the mountain which offers enchanting views and the most delicious, locally sourced food!

Taking inspiration from their home island of Ithaca and the food culture of Greece, Poppy & Nektarios share with their guests their passion and knowledge of the local food heritage.
Celebrating family traditions, authentic local recipes & skills that used to be passed from yiayia to daughter, from Pappu to son, but which are sometimes forgotten for the convenience our busy lives demand. All are served with modern flair to create a delicious and fun experience for lovers of Greece to take home with them.
Beyond the natural local ingredients, there are also traditional cooking methods and techniques to be captured, learned, shared, and passed on to the next generations. A relative has made them a traditional tserepa (after a cousin fished an old battered one out of a neighbor’s barn) made of local white clay and goat’s hair. The Serena is used like a sort of mobile wood oven for roasting dishes under its white-hot lid.

You can join a cookery demonstration, a tailor-made workshop, or simply take a seat at your table in their restaurant for an Ithakisian food experience like no other, rooted in a food culture & ethos from a bygone era that has been brought right up to date.

So do not think twice, with your boat trip to Ithaki, let us help you create an unforgettable day trip and book a table to Myrtia so you can get a better taste of the beauty of Ithaki!

You can see more and book your trip at: https://ionianescape.com/