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Reach new heights of relaxation with our Aromatherapy sessions

Discover the ultimate relaxation with our Aromatherapy massages at Pure Paleros Bay Spa, where essential oils are expertly combined to create a personalized, soothing experience. Each massage is designed to alleviate stress, enhance mood, and promote overall well-being, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Let our skilled therapists guide you through a sensory journey that harmonizes body and mind, providing a tranquil escape from the everyday.

60 minutes – 80€
code: A1
The perfect combination of calm and fluid movements combined with
long strokes to unlock tension and provide complete relaxation. With a
supreme massage oil with a sweet, summery fragrance that enhances
the skin’s natural beauty. Suitable for teenagers from 13 years old.

60 minutes – 90€
code: A2
A massage using a well hidden herb growing in hilly areas known for its
properties since antiquity. Olive oil infused with the balsam herb gives
us a reddish massage oil with rejuvenating and healing effects leaving
your skin more moisturised and radiant than ever. Our therapists using
unique techniques are ensured to give you an engraved in your mind
sensation from your stay in Paleros.

75minutes – 120€
code: A3
A relaxing massage all over the body and face with natural apricot oil
and extracts of aromatic plants and herbs, which have therapeutic
abilities appropriately chosen to suit your personal needs. It relieves
from headaches, migraines, provides energy and releases endorphins,
the hormones of happiness.


60 minutes – 80€
code: A4
This ritual Massage with authentic Monoi de Tahiti, is a time full of
pleasure that balances the energy flow and promotes total relaxation
and wellness. This precious nectar with its sophisticated fragrance flows
from the head down to the feet, following the energy lines offering its
soothing and purifying properties. Special Massage, deep movements
with the forearms, gentle pressures, relax tired areas, absorb tension
and stress while they transfer you into an exotic paradise of fragrances
and colors.

60 minutes – 80€
code: A5
Through a lovely perfumed ambiance, the massage with oil from hot
candles creates a memorable experience. The subtle creamy hot candle
oil slides over the body nourishing deeply the skin, while a combination
of various massage pressures, stretches and continuous movements,
relaxes the muscular system, stimulates the blood microcirculation
helping the body to eliminate all the daily stress by inviting you into a
joyful sensorial escape.