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Exceptional Massage Experiences for Ultimate Relaxation

Our spa features a team of highly skilled specialists and offers a variety of massages designed to rejuvenate your body and soul. Whatever your goals are, you can choose from our extensive massage menu designed especially for you.

60 minutes – 65€ / 90 minutes – 90€ / 120 minutes – 120€
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A traditional almond oil,full body massage.It is a stress relieving journey enhancing serenity and peace of mind to complete your luxury holiday experience.

60 minutes – 100€ / 90 minutes – 145€
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It’s a massage technique that focuses on the deeper tissues of the muscles and targets via deep pressures to relax the muscles and provide relief and well-being.

30 minutes – 45€
code: M3
Back-Neck massage is a deeply relaxing massage focusing on stress release, muscle relief from tension in all areas around the neck and across the back. This massage, relieves stress and headaches, improves circulation and posture, relaxes muscles and improves flexibility while it can also decrease feelings of depression.

30 minutes – 45€
code: M4
Leg and foot massage is an incomparable pleasure, which not only relieves fatigue and leaves leg muscles and the body in tone, but also is a
unique relaxing procedure. This massage stimulates the muscles which are directly rubbed, but also has a positive effect on the whole body,
due to huge set of reflex points. There is a huge concentration of points in the arch of the foot, which according to modern reflexology, are related to the spine. Therefore, stimulation of this area of the foot can help alleviate pain in the back and bring a general relief to the body.

30 minutes – 45€
code: M5
It is the technique which stimulates the reflex points of the feet in order to improve the flow of energy in the body. Promotes calmness, detoxifies the body and helps the function of the metabolism.

45 minutes – 70€
code: M6
Feel free to contact with our experienced alternative therapist to guide you to the rejuvenating effect of reflexology therapy


Be sure to also check our special ritual, AROMAVEDIC Face & Body Inspiration Massage
code: S1

A Holistic massage for body and face for 90minutes with extracts of apricot oil, rich in vitamin E ,invite you to a relaxing ritual, full
of energy, joy and passion for life. Last brushstroke on the canvas of your beauty is the mask of roses (rosewood
oils and extracts from rose petals). A real escape to wellness, this complete Aromatherapy care, charges your body
with energy, gives your skin a velvety sensation and serenity at your soul.

code: S1