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Hiking Trail Cleaning

A new experience is on the way and we are making sure to test everything before we present it to you!

On the 2nd of July, our team from Paleros Bay began the adventure of hiking and cleaning the trail in the Acarnanian mountains.
Along with our very experienced instructor, we began our trip at 6 am from the cave ‘Skala’ so we could be sure that the summer sun would not manage its way through the mountains before we arrived at the top.

The views, all along the way were breathtaking and worth the early wake-up!

We cleaned the path, removed the big stones from the way, pruned the plants, and after 5 kilometers we arrived at our final destination of that day, the big well.

The team, ready to act, immediately began cleaning the well and, after replacing the old basket with a new one, decided that it was time to drink the cold, crystal-clear water that comes straight from the mountain springs.
It might have been a long way up we had to hike to get there, but we all agreed that this was the most refreshing and somehow tasty water we had drank in a while.

As we were all relaxing around the well, we began to notice the details of it. We quickly saw the white mars, like strings, which began from the top of the well and disappeared into it. Our guide informed us that these are decades-old marks as people were coming to take water from the well for everyday use.

After that, we began our way back to the village. The views remained stunning and after a total of 10km of hiking, a cold beverage by the sea at Paleros Yacht Club, was the perfect ending to this Sunday adventure.