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Infinite Blue Writers retreat

The first Infinite Blue retreat for writers and aspiring writers was launched this year and we were very happy to host the team in our Ionian Flair Villa.

Professionals from all over the world and different writing backgrounds, came together in Paleros and exchanged ideas, inspiration and their passion for knowledge.

They had the chance to walk through the paths of nonfiction writing techniques, storytelling, dramatic writing and ways to connect with memory and the subconscious.

The breathtaking views from the Ionian Flair Villa

Discovering the breathtaking, panoramic views of the Ionian sea and its islands from the imposing cave up to the Acarnanian mountains, visiting the Necromanteion of Acheron, the Ancient Nicopolis and strolling through the beautiful towns of Preveza and Lefkas,were perfect additions to the intellectual  journey of all participants.

The villa Ionian Flair, a beautiful beachfront house in nature, which was chosen for the retreat, offered the perfect setting for it. With its big patio, open spaces and closeness to nature allowed everyone to reconnect with their inner self, and recharge.