Welcome to one of the most desirable areas in Greece. Perfectly situated in the Ionian Sea, Paleros Bay is totally accessible all year round and a convenient stepping-stone to the rest of the region.

Nestled along the picturesque Ionian coast, Paleros captivates with its seaside charm, embraced by the majestic Acarnanian mountains. This idyllic town offers a delightful fusion of stunning landscapes and a vibrant atmosphere, boasting a number of restaurants, bars, shops, and an array of activities catering to everyone’s desires. Whether reveling in the sea’s embrace or exploring the mountainous backdrop, Paleros promises an unforgettable Greek coastal experience for all.

It also serves as a gateway to a tapestry of enchanting destinations. With its proximity to the mesmerizing Ionian islands like Lefkada, Meganissi, Scorpios, Kefalonia, Ithaki, Kalamos and Kastos it invites travelers to explore the Ionian’s splendor, just a boat ride away.

Not only does it open doors to these magical isles, but it also effortlessly connects to Preveza, Parga, Ioannina and Messolongi by road, offering a treasure trove of picturesque spots for unforgettable day trips.



The natural curve of the Bay is a reflection of the arched doorway of Ancient Paleros, always open to strangers with an invitation to stay for a while and the freedom to leave when desired. It has forts, castles, monasteries and churches and world-renowned beaches to explore. All are set among natural landscapes, rugged mountains, tumbling waterfalls and little fishing villages.

With the mountains, sea and islands, this destination is the perfect area for enjoying a vast array of experiences, from simply relaxing, to sailing, kayaking, paddle-boarding, swimming, hiking or cycling – the list is long and there’s something for everyone.

And there is more to come: in 2024 we hope to celebrate the opening of the Xrisemma Estate, on the Ambracian Gulf and, in 2026, the first European Banyan Tree is scheduled to open in Varko Bay, just a short drive from Paleros. In the same year, the Little Ionian, a boutique, suite-only hotel will also open on the beachfront in Pogonia.

Life in Paleros Bay
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From hearing your first ‘Kalimera’ you will feel the warmth of Greek hospitality in Paleros Bay. People will welcome you with their natural sense of kindness, a virtue that has made Greece such a popular tourist destination over the years. 

Many of the old traditions of the town are kept alive and unchanged by the locals today, giving the village its own unique character. Savour the pleasant and charming atmosphere, the relaxed pace of life. Enjoy a sip of ouzo at a traditional taverna by the sea or stroll through the small alleys of the village. Time has a completely different meaning in Paleros.