Nourish your body and soul with the goodness of locally sourced, fresh ingredients - a culinary journey that connects you with the land, seasons, and authentic flavors
The traditional dish -gemista- with local ingredients

Enjoy genuine flavour in simple fresh food made with love. Nourishment for the soul with culture, history and connection

Paleros Bay gastronomy is full of flavor and variety, based on good, honest, local ingredients. Our basket is filled daily with the freshest products available and, with great care, they are turned into wonderful plates.

With a rich bounty from the Ionian Sea, the fish is deliciously fresh; from red snapper, sea bass, and sea bream to the famed Ambracian Gulf gambas. Fruit and vegetables are sourced from ‘Paleros natural bites’  organic farm and the meat comes from animals raised in the natural environment. The abundance of olive groves produces extra virgin olive oil, a huge contributory factor to a healthy Mediterranean diet. 

Organic, local, and fair trade are the key factors where we base our nutrition.