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Lefkaditiki Gi- A must for wine enthousists

Plan your visit today and indulge in the unique flavors and aromas of Lefkaditiki Gi wines.

The story of “Lefkaditiki Gi” began in 2000 when Dimitris Robotis, after studying enology and working experience as a responsible oenologist in small and large wineries in Greece, set up the first winery in the village of Stavros in South Lefkada.

He took advantage of the local varieties and, knowing well the know-how of wine, achieved high-quality levels from the very first winemaking. The close cooperation with the producers of the area gave very good results in the quality of the raw material and led to the planting of new vineyards.

Following the dictates of modern times, we proceeded to build a modern and visitable winery, on the main road of Nydri – Vasiliki, just above Sivota, thus giving new life and new dynamics, for even better results.


Wine is tradition, it is know-how, it is place, it is human stories and culture.

Believing these and aiming for absolute quality, they created a complex of four buildings, harmonized with the sloping terrain and the building characteristics of the area, without deviating from the strategic goal of the successful production line. The winemaking and bottling take place in the two large buildings.

The modern mechanical equipment consists of stainless steel fermentation tanks with thermal control at all stages of production, pre-fermentation extraction tanks, stabilization tanks, juicers and pumps that ensure minimum strain on the grape, oak barrels for aging, laboratory for quality control, automatic and semi-automatic bottling machines, and an air-conditioned cellar for maturing the already bottled wines.

During the summer months, the winery is open to visitors, where a guide will take you on a tour around the picturesque facilities, reminding you of the Mediterranean culture. You can also taste their wines and purchase their products if you wish to.