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The unique shrimps of the Ambracian Gulf

“Shrimps? Yes, but Gambari” tells us about the cinematic James Bond in the 1981 film -For Your Eyes Only-. So the reason for the famous Amvrakikos shrimps, or gambares as they are typically called in Amvrakikos.

Their fame goes beyond the “narrow” limits of the Amvrakiko Gulf and reaches the whole of Greece, but also the rest of the world, as we have seen. For centuries it has been a unique product, a main source of income for the fishermen of the bay. A local delicacy that has always been preferred by gourmands, the wealthy, and all those who love seafood.

The Amvrakiko bream (Melikertus Kerathurus) is an endemic species of the gulf that completes its biological cycle within the gulf. Thus, the gambles of Amvrakikos have some characteristics of their own, from which we can distinguish them. Their whiskers are particularly long, their snouts protrude well in front of their eyes, and their tails are brightly colored in blue, red, and yellow. On their backs, they have colored stripes that are particularly intense when the bottom they live on is rocky or covered with Posidonia. They are quite large since their marketable size exceeds ten centimeters, but if anything makes them so famous is their unique, irresistible taste. A seafood meze that fully justifies the reputation it has acquired!

The bream fishing season is from the end of April until the end of June.

At sunset, all the boats lower their nets, which three hours later are full of shrimps. The process is repeated several times until morning. The shrimp is fished only at night, because during the day it stays hidden under the sandy bottom, leaving only its eyes and whiskers out of the sand. If one finds himself in the bay at this time he will live an unforgettable experience of colors, vitality, and taste