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The worldwide famous, greek Caviari

Meet the Caviar of Thesauri, an exclusive handcrafted product of high quality and supremacy.

The caviar is produced only from pure species of Russian, Siberian and Huso huso (Beluga) sturgeon in their aquafarmor after a long and arduous process.

Once the 80.000 stungeons, reach their 3rd year of life, they make ultrasounds to all the fish separately to discover their gender and divide them into male and female. Once the female reach their 12th year, they can get fertilized and produce the wanted eggs.
Then the eggs are harvested and classified according to their size and colours by following the Russian process, to ensure the product’s unique flavour.

The salting process, which is the second stage, is carried out by applying the traditional Malossol method to maintain the delicate finesse of its flavour while accentuating the aftertaste.
Quality tests are constantly held to ensure caviar firmness and excellent quality and it is only upon customer order that the caviar is harvested and packaged.

After purchasing it, it should be refrigerated at +2 to -2 degrees as soon as possible. The taste and quality can be severely affected by the presence of air, so it is highly advisable to open the box just before you consume it.

The aquafarm has been assessed and complies with all the requirements of Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000.