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The marvelous Ragou Residence in the heart of Paleros

The wonderful Ragou Residence in the center of Paleros is a remarkable, stone, tiled two-story building, founded in 1875 and completed four years later.

As one approaches the Ragou Residence, the eye is drawn to its stately presence and imposing facade. Its well-preserved exterior reflects an era of grandeur and sophistication, inviting visitors to step back in time and immerse themselves in its rich heritage. On the facade, which is perfectly symmetrical, we can see rectangular openings surrounded by a plaster frame. There are four pseudo-columns with simple capitals on the ground floor and Ionic ones on the first floor.
The upper floor is marble with a simple iron railing, while it is supported by six symmetrically carved marble furousia.
Inside, the building is richly decorated on the walls and ceiling with magnificent painting. The staircase to the first floor is majestic, marble with an iron railing and wooden banister.

Historical Folklore facts:
The mansion was built in 1875 by the landowner Ioannis Ragos. The architectural plans and interior decoration were designed and implemented by Italian architects and artists. The materials for its construction were transported from Trieste.
During the period 1941-1947, the building was used by the Italians first, and the Germans later. It contained many works of art which were stolen by the conquerors