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Zagori Added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List

In a historic achievement for Greece, Zagori, a destination known for its rich cultural heritage, was recently added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, the Greek Culture Ministry announced in September of 2023.

Zagori, which lies within the Pindus mountain range in Epirus, is a region with 46 traditionally built and beautifully maintained villages, known as Zagorochoria, which are scattered gracefully across the foothills and slopes of the Pindus range. The area attracts hikers, rafters, and nature lovers, as well as travelers seeking a cozy spring-winter escape staying in lovely boutique hotels and B&Bs.

The architectural beauty of the villages is intricately designed to harmonize with the mountainous terrain. A network of stone-arched bridges, cobblestone paths, and stone staircases interconnecting the villages formed a vital system that served as both a political and social unit, uniting the communities of the Voïdomatis River basin.

Greece’s Minister of Culture recognized the outstanding ecumenical value of the Zagori architecture, as an excellent example of survival and mutual influence of the Byzantine and Ottoman architecture. It recognized the authenticity and integrity of the area as key ingredients to be included on the World Heritage List.”

Combine your holidays in Palairos with a one-day visit to Zagori, just 3 hours away. Take in the unparalleled combination of unspoiled natural beauty with the special continental architecture.